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All About Anna

Feature film - DVD release spring 2005
Innocent Pictures & Zentropa Produtions 2004
Dir. Jessica Nilsson

Gry Bay got the Scandinavian Award 2006 for best selling scandinavian star of the year

more pictures from the film

The story in brief:
Anna is a modern, independant single girl, focused on her job and wary of getting caught in romantic relationships. She has just found a new apartment where she is going to live with her friend Camilla. Being burned once too often, and besides has received an offer to design costumes for a theatre in Paris. At which point an old boyfriend happens to knock on her door...

Gry´s comments on the picture:
It all started when I was asked to compose and sing the title song for the film "All About Anna". The producer gave me the script, which had a really nice story and good characters. Then I set to work. In order to create exactly the right mood and lyric, I made sure that I understood the character of Anna.

When I had to present the song for the director, whom I really liked, she exclaimed that I was exactly the Anna she had imagined. I liked the story and the character of Anna immediately I read the screenplay, and when the director had explained how she wanted to create the film, with humour, magic, love and poetry, I agreed to play Anna.

It's been a surprising, experimental and fun job, with a great film crew and a wonderful collaboration between cast and director. It's lovely to be part of setting new standards. We are inventing a new approach to a new genre. "All About Anna" is a sensual and romantic comedy.

Lovemaking is included as a natural part of the story telling and is not the dominating element in the story. We are pushing the limits and hope in this way to include poetry, sensuality, beauty and humour in our portrayal of the act of making love. The audience is invited into a poetic room, which in this case is the most private. We can't reveal all the ingredients in this new film formula. The mystery of the film reflects women's mystery erotic excitement.

My character Anna gave me an opportunity to make use of all my female aspects, which has been fun. And my director is fantastic at summoning all the facets of the character - both the humorous, aggressive, sensual, caring, motherly and most vulnerable sides.

I'm busy composing music, writing lyrics and recording songs for the film. I've been allowed to be present during the editing, which is an exciting element in the filmmaking process.